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The author of presentation


The multimedia presentation of Gemer region and tourist web site were made on commision of the towns and firms of Gemer-Malohont region in 2005 by the operation Milan Paprčka - CASSOVIA BOOKS.

Graphic and software design by Ivan Trnka - YANA,
Camera, photo, scripts by Milan Paprčka
Editing and sound by Martin Sabov
English - Lenka Vielkievičová
German - Ľubomír Vondráček, Martin Surmánek
Hungarian - Ing. Tichomír Táčik
Painted map Gemer-Malohont: Miroslav Pazdera (2003)
Painted map Upper Gemer: Jozef Ďaudík (2004)
map Middle Gemer: © VKU, a.s., Harmanec

©2005 Milan Paprčka - Cassovia Books

One of the most important activities of the operation Cassovia Books is promotion of tourist trade in constituent regions by production of promotional materials for villages, associations firms and mikroregions.

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