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Informations about region Gemer - Malohont

West Gemer, South Gemer and Malohont

The first written records for "Gemerská župa" (The District of Gemer) date back to 1209. The district centre was located in Gemer Castle. Malohont used to be a part of a larger region "Hontianska župa", though separated by the areas of Novohrad and "Zvolenská župa". Gemer became an autonomous district at the end of the 17th century. A threat of Tartar (Mongols) ivasion motivated the construction of a series of fortified stone castles. Brzotín, Drienčany, Gemer, Hajnáčka, Hodejov, Hrachovo, Jelšava, Magingrad, Plešivec, Rákoš, Rožňava, Širkovce, Štítnik, Tisovec and Veľký Blh were all destroyed in later wars. A Golden Age for the region came around the middle of the 14th century, lasting until the beginning of the 16th century. Wonderfully decorated gothic churches, built in the cities and rural manors, are well conserved, forming part of a Gothic Tourist Route. To follow the Gothic Route watch out for the brown signposts along the major roads and in the villages. The Turkish wars and local estate hostilities left enduring marks on the 16th and 17th centuries. In 18th century the Gemer region became a bastion of reformation. Prominent protestant schools were established, providing higher education to a number of people who became symbols of Slovak culture and national renaissance. In 1789 the second District of Gemer and Malohont formed lasting until 1922. With these natural resources and historical monuments, Gemer region is an attractive tourist destination. If you are a lover of nature, or you prefer to discover the countryside from bike or horse saddle, irrespective of season summer or winter - come and visit Gemer.

Upper Gemer

The Upper Gemer area – the region full of natural and tourist interests lies in the south-east part of Slovakia. In the past it used to be a part of the Gemer-Malohont County, at present it belongs into the Košice Self-Governing Region and the District of Rožňava. The south part of the Upper Gemer region is created by the Slovak Karts National Park– the largest karst area of plateau type in the Central Europe (361.65 km2). It creates the entity with the Aggtelek National Park in Hungary. The territory is rich in karst phenomena such as sinkholes (swallow holes), ravines, caves, chasms or canyons; and deep valleys and gorges shape the general character of the territory. The impressive Zádielska tiesňava (Zádielska gorge), 101 meters deep abyss Zvonivá jama (Tinkle Hole), Silická ľadnica Ice Cave, Domica Cave, Ochtinská Aragonite and Gombasecká Cave belong to the most interesting natural matters of interest of the Slovak Karts. The Upper Gemer region will attract your attention also with important historical sights. You can find many intriguing sites on such small area. Let us mention the historical heart of Rožňava, Krásna Hôrka Castle, the Andrássys Mausoleum and Gallery in Krásnohorské Podhradie, the manor house in Betliar, the ruins of the medieval church in Lúčka, gothic evangelical churches in Štítnik and Plešivec or the ruined Turniansky Castle. A large number of quality marked paths and cycling routes will accompany you in above-mentioned and many others charming sheltered spots of this characteristic region.

Middle Gemer

Middle Gemer - region of important historical events and natural interests lies on boundary-line of the centre and east Slovakia. In the past it was a part of the Gemer - Malohont District, nowadays this territory belongs to self - governed region of Banská Bystrica and to the district Revúca. From the north it is bordered by the national park Muránska Planina (plain) whose territory is rich in gorges, abysses, caves and interesting rocky formations. The area is rich in wildlife, there grow many protected plants and several endemits. The most known plant is Daphne arbuscula that cannot be found in any other locality in the world. Semi-wild horse breeding of the Slovak breed Norik muránsky is typical for Muránska planina. The village Muráň above which, on the cliff Cigánka, remains of the legendary castle Muráň are situated, is an entrance gate to the national park. Middle Gemer played an important role in Slovak national life. There worked many national revivalists, writers and most known characters of cultural and national life. The town Revúca is the centre of region. In the year 1862 there was established the first Slovak grammar school whose building nowadays serves as a museum. In nearby villages there can be also found several important historical sights such as gothic churches in Chyžné and Rákoš, romanesque rotunda in Šivetice. In the past centuries the village was a known centre of mining. Important mineral - magnesit has been mined in the villages Jelšava and Lubeník.

What are you still waiting for? Visit the Gemer region and discover its places of interest and beauties.